Are you ready to flip your classroom? If so, make sure you go through this checklist:


  • Can I find or create resources such as charts, graphs, interactive systems, or videos for my students to consume for homework?
  • Will my students be able to complete homework?
  • How will my flipped homework lead into more effective use of classtime?



  • How will I better use my classroom time to help my students apply the knowledge they learned from the homework?
  • What will my classroom look like under a "Flipped Model"?
  • What technologies will help enhance my classroom?



  • Have I tested every piece of technology my students will be using?
  • Have I made a "test classroom" where myself or friends/colleagues have gone through the system to check for errors and/or difficulties?
  • Will my technology be accessible throughout the entire year?
  • Can I justify the use of each piece of technology in my classroom?
  • Have I written out a small description of each tool/software we will be using, so students, parents and administrators can follow my logic?



  • Is administration on board for my decision to flip my classroom?
  • Do I have a backup plan for at least one week in case my flipped classroom environment does not deliver the results I want?