Once you have decided to flip your classroom, it may be a good idea to approach administration to gather their advice, present them with information, obtain support, and make sure they understand how your classroom will be changing for the better. While not all schools have the same political and/or pedagogical values, it is still a good idea to inform them of your choice to flip the classroom. Below are some topics for thought:



Decide How You Will Inform Them of Your Decision

Some teachers may need to ask permission to change their classroom environment. Other teachers may have the right to teach as they please. Either way, it is very important to express your desire to flip your classroom to enhance the instruction in your class. Be prepared to answer any questions administration may have, and be prepared to explain in detail.



Link to lots of Research

Doing your own research will help you present information from multiple sources, which will strengthen your case when deciding to flip your classroom. Organize your information and be ready to prepare it in an easy-to-read way. No one wants to re-create your research, but if you can summarize the information, it will be much easier to make a decision in your favor. Find relevant news articles, studies, websites that provide information such as this one, and even gather some videos that show what homework and classtime will be like for students.



Attempt a Trial Run

If administration is hesitant to greenlight such a large change, offer a trial run where you will try the flipped environment for one chapter/unit/class. Carefully track the results of your students and organize it so others can quickly draw conclusions from your research. This is much less scary than committing to an entire year of flipped education.