The Classroom is a place where most traditional learning takes place. Teachers provide instruction, students listen and learn. Under our Flipped Classroom model, we believe the classroom should be a place to apply what was learned, rather than learning the initial skills. When students bring the initial knowledge to the classroom for the first time, many opportunities arise:

  • Students are in an environment where they can take risks and request help in an environment where the teacher's focus is not on teaching every student simultaneously
  • All students bring the same prerequisite skills to the classroom
  • Students took ownership of their future success by doing their homework of learning the base skills
  • Students who struggle with a concept can replay or re-learn the material at their own pace
  • Real-life applications such as labs and projects can be performed in the classroom

Under the Flipped Classroom model, students come to class prepared with an initial set of knowledge. For example, an algebra teacher might give students the homework of watching a video that refreshed their memory of solving for a single variable. This skill set eliminates a need to go over these initial skills in the classroom and get students on par with the pre-requisite skills. Now, when students enter the classroom, they have the knowledge and can graph equations where the y variable is not isolated. Under this system, more time can be spent applying the knowledge. To go even further, a teacher may provide homework the following night that refreshes their skills so students can come in the next day to a challenge. Students may be given a word problem to work on as a group, and not only provide a solution, but also narrate how the solution was solved. If proper technology is involved, students can then upload these videos to a digital classroom environment and discuss the material for homework that night, fix any errors or miscalculations, and present their findings to the class the following day.

The above situation is beneficial for all members of the classroom. Students are bringing in skills and applying them in a safe environment. Teachers have the time to help students 1-on-1 to provide for a better learning environment.

To fully utilize a flipped classroom, teachers should look at the following guides: