Under the flipped environment, homework is where students build knowledge of base concepts and understanding. Often, the teacher issues an assignment that utilizes some form of technology to present information to students. Students can be assigned a presentation or excerpt to read through, an audio recording of a concept, or even a video. The intention of homework under the flipped environment is to expose students to information they can bring to school the next day and apply it to an activity or concept in class.

Some of the key benefits of flipped classroom homework include:

  • The ability to consume information and material at their own pace, allowing for repeating of the information as many times as needed
  • Students gain ownership of their learning. When they arrive at school, they are prepared for the challenges presented in class
  • Students have more time in class to ask questions about the application of the material. If they have questions on material at home, they can bring it in the following day or attempt to learn the information a second time by re-consuming the material for homework

Under the Flipped Classroom model, less time is wasted on lectures. It is a more efficient approach to delivering instruction when students can approach at their own pace. Delivery of information in a classroom is limited to the pace the teacher finds appropriate for the entire class. A student who needs more time to process the information or a student who is working at an accelerated rate may feel discouraged if the pace of the lecture does not match the pace of their learning, either by boredom or information overload.

In addition to teaching new skills, homework can be used to refresh previously learned knowledge, especially if a connection can be made between the two topics. For example, a teacher may show students how to multiply two binomials and recall the knowledge and rules of multiplying like terms, except this time showing students to multiply First, Outer, Inner, then Last(FOIL Method) in order to fully multiply the binomials. This would help reduce the need for the teacher to re-teach material from previous skills, saving valuable time in class for students to complete activities and labs. To take it a step further, a teacher could link students to previously issued homework lectures if the students are having difficulty recalling a specific skill.

To fully implement homework in a Flipped Classroom environment, teachers should look at the following guides: