In order to provide a flipped classroom environment, a teacher should have a healthy balance of self-made materials and third party materials. There is nothing wrong with using resources previously made, especially when trying to offer students real-life application of the material. Below are some top-level homework resources for students to explore:


TED Talks

These talks cover many academic areas. They are ideal for older audiences, but some younger students may benefit from exposure to these videos. Videos range from introductory knowledge to deep philosphical explorations.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy includes many video tutorials in almost any subject. Theoretically, studnets could learn an entire curriculum using Khan Academy.




Youtube has the world's largest collection of videos. Youtube videos can offer great insight to many things. From an education standpoint, many channels are specializing in education and sciences, offering countless resources for specific subjects.

Channels worth exploring:




ShowMe is a video site that focuses on offering videos with an educational intent. It may require some searching, but you can find some very good resources on the site. Content is broken down by subject.




WatchKnowLearn is a video site focused on educational materials. Users can browse an extensive directory of videos to stream. There are a lot of fantastic resources on this site.



FreezeRay offers interactive science tools. Topics vary from Physics to Chemistry to Biology to Technology. Site design is a little outdated, but the resources are incredible. 




ABCYa is a collection of Math and ELA based games. Many have interactive elements. These resources would serve as a great way for students to apply their newly-acquired knowledge. 




Wonderopolis is a series of lessons that include an article to read, some external links for students to explore, a vocabulary challenge, and a way for students to test their knowledge. 



e-Learning for Kids

e-Learning for Kids is a series of interactive educational games for students to explore. Each interactive game is diverse and great for students to apply their knowledge.