Technology is seen as a scary thing to some teachers. Whether they like it or not, students are learning to use technology at an alarming rate. In many situations, this can be to the student's benefit. Technology allows for many key factors in education, but one of the most time-saving aspects of technology is automation.

Technology allows knowledge to be spread across multiple recipients. Educators can now deliver information in the form of presentations, editable text, audio recordings, and video. Students now have the ability to repeat anything they encounter in a technology-fueled classroom. If a student did not understand a video lecture or audio recording the first time, they can replay the exact same information. Editable text allows the student to highlight and bookmark certain pieces of information for further focus.

Technology can help teachers enhance a classroom in many ways, including:

  • Video lectures for students who are absent/need extra resources/not understanding the material the first time
  • Technology lowers the barrier for access to information. Students no longer have one chance to absorb information the first time they encounter it
  • Students can collaborate together and complete projects and assignments without having to be in the same spot at the same time
  • Students can get instant feedback on their work and assignments
  • Information can be reviewed to refresh prerequisite skills

Technology use in a flipped classroom should answer the following questions:

  • How can I provide my students with resources at any time, inside or outside of school?
  • How can I send my students home with homework they can do at their own pace?
  • How can I limit confusion and frustration at home when a student struggles with work?
  • How can I better organize my resources so my students can constantly access everything?

Below are some articles that will help you harness technology to flip your classroom: